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Wednesday to Sunday
5pm –9:30pm

Please advise if you have an event to go to, thanks.


Fresh oysters poa

Tomato bruschetta, fresh basil, Wairarapa extra virgin olive oil 15.50

Today’s soup 15.50

Seared scallops, green beans, semi-dried tomato, radicchio & basil 34.50

House-made focaccia 6.00

Fried squid & aioli 22.00



Mushroom risotto, Grana Padano 28.00/38.00

Linguini alle vongole with parsely, garlic & chili 38.00

Parmesan crumbed lambs’ liver on gorgonzola dressed baby spinach 37.50

BBQ lamb tenderloins, sauteed silver beet, currants, pine nuts & mint 47.50

Grain-finished Wagyu fillet 185g , grilled polenta, smoky cheddar and onion sauce 48.50

 Today’s Fish, celeriac remoulade, caper & parsley gremolata 46.50


Green beans, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt 10.00

Rocket & Grana Padano 9.50

Sautéed spinach 9.50

Crushed roast potatoes with rosemary & garlic 9.00


Saffron, lavender & thyme crème brûlée  17.00

Soft centered chocolate pudding with crème fraïche 17.00

Sticky toffee & date pudding with butterscotch sauce & whipped cream  17.00

Vanilla pannacotta, baked black currants & fresh orange 17.00

Today’s cheese 50g, toast & home-made quince preserve 20.00

Boozy spiced chocolate truffle 3.50


Set menu –  $92 per person for groups of 8 and more 


Fried Squid & aioli


Mushroom risotto, Grana Padano

Today’s Fish, celeriac purée, caper & parsley gremolata

Grain-finished Wagyu fillet 185g, grilled polenta, smoky cheddar & onion sauce

Rocket & Grana Padano

Crushed roast potatoes, garlic & rosemary


Soft centred chocolate pudding with crème fraïche

Vanilla pannacotta, seasonal fruit