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Tuesday to Sunday

Fresh oysters poa

Steamed Cloudy Bay Tuatua 21.50

Antipasto 29.50

Today’s bruschetta  14.50  

Today’s soup 15.50

House-made focaccia 5.00

Fried squid & aioli 18.50

Paua & smoked mussel fritter with tartare and watercress 28.50

Steak tartare wth egg yolk and grilled bread 28.50


White risotto with roast vine tomatoes 23.50/33.50

Clevedon Valley Buffalo Curd and basil ravioli 24.50/34.50

Penne integrale with rabbit ragu 24.50/34.50

Parmesan crumbed lambs’ liver on gorgonzola dressed baby spinach 31.00

Market Fish, celeriac remoulade & caper gremolata38.50

Seared free-range chicken breast, smoked beetroot, tarragon, pancetta & skordalia 37.00

Grilled lamb fillets, roast pumpkin, basil & pine nuts 37.50

Slow cooked pork belly with apple slaw & mostarda di clementine 35.00

Grilled beef fillet with warm artichoke, tomato, bean & chorizo salad 39.50


Green Beans and Sea Salt 10.00

Sauteed spinach 10.00

Rocket & Grana Padano 10.00

Crushed Potatoes with rosemary & garlic 9.00


Almond leches fritas with coconut cream & honey 16.50

Vanilla semifreddo with rum soused raisins 16.50

Dark Ghana chocolate pudding with creme fraiche 16.50

Seasonal fruit tart with Italian meringue 16.50

Today’s cheese, quince paste & toast 18.00

Boozy spiced chocolate truffle 3.50