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Rex Tremendous



house-made, grilled focaccia with EVO 4.5

house-made, grilled focaccia with tzaziki 9

passionfruit chia pudding, date sugar tamarillos & fresh seasonal fruit 17.5

2 eggs on toast: poached, scrambled, sunny side up, over easy 13

sides: roast tomatoes, avocado, grilled mushrooms, hash browns, spinach, toast   each 5

         smoky bacon, blood pudding, house-made lorne sausage   each 7

         100g halloumi 


Subject to availability

Fresh oysters poa

Cloudy Bay clams poa


Tomato & basil bruschetta14.50

Today’s soup & toast 15.50

House-made, grilled bread & extra virgin olive oil 5.50

Fried squid & aioli 18.50

Grilled prawn & fregola salad with black olives, roast tomatoes & basil 30.00


Radicchio risotto with buttered walnuts 25.50

Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino 25.00


Parmesan crumbed lambs’ liver with gorgonzola dressed baby spinach 34.50

Today’s fish, celeriac purée & crispy leeks 40.50

Grilled beef fillet, roast bone marrow, parmesan polenta & salsa verde 41.50

Lamb, roast vegetales, rosemary, anchovy & preserved lemon 39.50


Rocket and Grana Padano 9.50

Green beans with sea salt 10.00

Sautéed spinach 9.50

Crushed roast potatoes, garlic and rosemary 8.50



Soft centered chocolate pudding with crème fraîche 17.00

Gingerbread with poached pears & butterscotch sauce 17.00

Vanilla semifreddo with fruit 17.00

Crème brûlée with orange marmalade 17.00

Today’s cheese with quince paste & toast 18.00