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Tuesday to Friday
Midday to 3pm

Subject to availability

Fresh oysters poa

Cloudy Bay clams poa


Today’s bruschetta14.50

Today’s soup & toast 15.50

House-made, grilled bread & extra virgin olive oil 5.50

Grilled halloumi with peas, beans & grains 18.50

Fried squid & aioli 18.50

Grilled chorizo, house-smoked Kahawai, radicchio, olives & capers 28.50

Steak tartare with egg yolk & grilled bread 28.50


Mushroom risotto with Grana Padano 25.50

Prawn, chili and garlic linguini 27.00


Parmesan crumbed lambs’ liver with gorgonzola dressed baby spinach 34.50

Today’s fish 34.50

Char-grilled chicken with baby cos, chopped egg mayo & pancetta 29.50

Minute steak with ripped chips, smoked cheddar & onion sauce 34.50


Rocket and Grana Padano 9.50

Crushed roast potatoes, garlic and rosemary 8.50



Soft centered chocolate pudding with crème fraîche 17.00

Sticky toffee & date pudding with butterscotch & cream 17.00

Vanilla panna cotta with lemon & Grappa soda 17.00

Poached tamarillo, marshmallow, mascarpone & praline 17.00

Today’s cheese with quince paste & toast 18.00