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Monday to Friday
Midday to 3pm

Grilled ciabatta with local olive oil 4.50

Broccoli & feta bruschetta13.50

Antipasto 27.50

Soup with grilled ciabatta 15.50

Grilled halloumi with sauteed silverbeet, sliced potato & lemon 17.50

Penne integrale with baby peas & pork sausage 21.50

Mushroom risotto with shaved parmesan 22.50

Capitol’s crispy fried chicken with shredded cabbage slaw 24.50

Fried squid with aioli and balsamic rocket 17.50

West Coast whitebait fritter with tartare sauce & toasted walnuts 27.50

Parmesan crumbed lambs’ liver with Gorgonzola dressed baby spinach 27.50

Grilled Wagyu beefsteak, ripped chips, smoky cheddar & onion sauce 28.50

Today’s fish 26.50


Rocket and Grana Padano 9.50

Crushed roast potatoes, garlic and rosemary 8.50


Soft centered chocolate pudding with crème fraîche 15.50

Tiramisu mousse, coffee syrup & Amaretti crumbs 15.50

Boiled orange & cashew nut cake with whipped dulce de leche cream 15.50

Nougat meringue, citrus & berry compote & whipped cream 15.50

Cheese of the day 17.50